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Bear Haven

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About Bear Haven


Welcome to your new part-time electrician position at the Bear Haven Motel!

It's true that there aren't currently any visitors, but don't let that concern you. Additionally, our electrical system has some odd issues at night, but we are certain you can resolve them. Keep in mind that you will be fired if anything is damaged by 6:00 am! So don't pass up the possibility to get a sizable wage for your work. Yes, and with regards to our lovely visitors. Just be mindful not to obstruct them.

In the fantastic independent horror game Bear Haven, you must endure spooky evenings. Not another "five nights at freddy's" ripoff, mind you. As a night security guard, you are not restricted to only looking at cameras; instead, you are allowed to move around and engage with the surroundings.

Take part in a fascinating and dramatic nightmare experience. In order to avoid being caught by enraged bears, fix the faulty electrical.

If anything goes wrong, leave. After that, shut the door and dim the light. While you are hiding, the TV shouldn't be on and the phone shouldn't ring. You can then make it through the first spooky night!

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