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About Assault Zone


Assault Zone is a classic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game.


How to play


1. Choose a Hero: At the start of each match, you'll need to select a hero character from a roster of options. Each hero has unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

2. Understand the Map: The playing field is typically a multi-lane map with three main paths leading from your team's base to the enemy's base. There are also neutral areas with computer-controlled enemies and objectives.

3. Laning Phase: At the beginning of the match, players split up and go to different lanes to protect their team's defensive towers while trying to destroy the enemy's towers.

4. Last Hitting: You earn gold by last-hitting enemy creeps (computer-controlled soldiers). This gold allows you to buy items and increase your hero's power.

5. Leveling Up: You gain experience points from last-hitting creeps, destroying towers, and participating in kills. As you level up, you unlock new abilities for your hero.

6. Teamfights and Objectives: Throughout the match, teams will engage in team fights, capture neutral objectives (like powerful bosses), and push to destroy enemy structures.

7. Destroying the Ancient: The ultimate goal is to work with your team to destroy the enemy's Ancient (a building in their base). The first team to do this wins.

Key aspects include map awareness, last-hitting, hero ability usage, team coordination, and strategic decision-making. It's recommended to start by learning a few heroes, understanding core mechanics, and practicing with AI matches before jumping into player-vs-player games.

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