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About Archer Defense


Let Archer Defense trigger your natural reflexes! Take your bow, let the oncoming enemy wave pass, and discover your inner hunter! Will you allow the giants demolish the fence and rule the planet or will your shooting prowess be enough to defend the last remaining human lands?

As giants begin to emerge from the woods, what will you do? Of course, fight back! Let's get to work since you only have one opportunity, an endless supply of arrows, and tens of waves of adversaries. To shoot the approaching assailants, move your mouse over them and click. On a mobile device, you may glide your finger across the screen and tap to play. To do greater damage, aim for the skulls of giants. Be cautious since stronger foes might arrive at any time. Develop rapid reflexes to be prepared for more powerful assaults. accomplish goals and get prizes. Check out your collection and the hourly loot box to try out new weapons with unique effects. Put skill points into twenty different options with gold coins at the upgrades tab. Try all the various bows, get better with time and improvements, and reclaim your land from these beasts!


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Funny monster designs
  • Improving aiming skills
  • Unlockable upgrades

How to play

You may play this game with your mouse.

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