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About 20 Minutes Till Dawn


In the gripping roguelike shooter 20 Minutes Till Dawn, players are thrust into a terrible survival quest.

How to play

Roguelike Shooter
- It's a top-down or side-scrolling shoot 'em up game with roguelike elements
- Each playthrough will have procedurally generated levels/scenarios
- If you die, you'll have to restart from the beginning with different randomized circumstances

Survival Objective
- Your goal is to simply survive an extremely dangerous and hostile situation
- You'll face overwhelming odds and fierce enemies coming at you relentlessly
- Ammo, health, and resources will be incredibly scarce, adding to the tension

Horrible Journey
- The setting seems to be a nightmarish, horrific scenario you're thrust into
- This could be anything from a zombie apocalypse to an alien invasion to cosmic horror
- The environments and enemies you face will be moody, gruesome, and intense

Combat Challenges
- As a shoot 'em up, the core gameplay will be fast, frenetic shooting action
- You'll need to deftly maneuver around bullets, explosions, threats from all angles
- Your weapons and limited resources need to be managed very carefully
- Finding temporary shelters or advantages may help you last a bit longer

Key Elements:
- Brutal, unforgiving roguelike design where one mistake can be fatal
- High stress, horror-themed atmosphere and aesthetics
- Deep enough gameplay systems to encourage replaying and improving

Let me know if I understand the core premise correctly for this thrilling roguelike survival shooter 20 Minutes Till Dawn!

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