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Monkey Mart

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About Monkey Mart


In Monkey Mart, your mission is to expand your mart by controlling a cute monkey, selling products, and upgrading. These tasks seem simple. However, they are extremely interesting thanks to addictive gameplay. In addition, it is also a great way to entertain after playing other games like Five Nights At Freddy's.

How to control

Slide your mouse to play this arcade game.

Things You Get When You Start This Online Game

In the beginning, you have a cute monkey and a mart. The monkey is your main character while the mart has 35 dollars in capital. Use this meager capital to unlock the checkout counter and the banana shelf. You also need to start growing bananas. It is necessary to start with these items because they are cheap and essential to run a supermarket. You can refer to the price list below.

  • Checkout Counter: 10 dollars
  • Banana Shelf: 20 dollars
  • Growing Bananas: 5 dollars

Control your monkey to earn money from these items.

Things You Can Win After Playing Monkey Mart

Unlimited Amount

If you work hard, you will quickly earn a lot of money from your goods. The amount you earn is unlimited. The problem is whether you are persistent to collect money or not.

Upgrades For Your Monkey

Your character has many different levels. You can use the money to upgrade your monkey. Upgrade to advance to higher levels. Then, your monkey can move faster and work better.

Various Unblocked Items

Use coins to unlock different items. After bananas, you can grow corn or feed chickens. You can also plant coffee or raise dairy cows. After that, other products such as eggs, milk, and cakes are also served to the customers.

In addition to items, you can also hire employees to do the work. When expanding your mart with many different shelves, it is difficult to do all the work. Therefore, hiring employees is inevitable.

However, you should pay attention to managing your employees because they can be lazy and refuse to work.

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